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May 2, 2009

.talk about life.~lovelife~

let me start with a sigh~pheewww...
im home now.just for 3 days.and,tomorro going back to da "palace".
yes?my "palace".why??
i've learn so damn many new things.maybe??
next time i've tell u what did i have learn there.
so many things happens..
happy,sad,laughter,cried,betrayed,hipocrite,there's so many things..
i think this is just a beginning of the true life.
lot of hardness..happiness..sadness..
maybe i just gone through 0.0001% of hardness and difficulties..
others may have gone through 10%,20%,40% or more..
even,our prophet MUHAMMAD s.a.w also have gone through a veryveryvery hardd obstacle in his life..
his my one can beat him.xcept Allah.
his patient,his cleverness,politeness..everythings..
dont u ever thought that how he manage to keep patient eventhough his own uncle
hate him??curse him??..
but us??just a little hardness has make us unpatient..hate others..kill others..
betrayed each others..
even me sometimes,merungutt slaluu..
i think thats all for now.
tomorrow going back to my 'palace'>>MRSM Pengkalan Hulu.such a hulu place,but full of memories.
remeber this>>"kalau tiada hulu,manakan ada hilirnya??"=)
sun dont showed itself everytime,sometime rain will take it place..
but we dont know rain that coming down,bring us a gift from Allah that is a beautifull rainbow.

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