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Feb 2, 2010

korea! korea! korea!


i'm one of a thousand million of korean drama freak.haha.this is the list of korean drama and film that i'd already watched:'re beautiful
2.boys over flower
3.wonderful life
5.princess hours and me girl
8.sassy girl chung hyang
9.3 dad's one mommy
10.east of eden
11.lovers in paris arrogant(forgot this film name:D)
13.couple or trouble
14.autumn in my heart
15.stairway to heaven your last dance for me
and other drama and film i've forgot.ngehehe~
actually not all those drama i've watched it till the end..there's no time to watch it b'cos i'm still studying..but now,while waiting for the spm result i'll watch it on9 for free.credits to MYSOJU.COM.:D
is thre any korean drama or film that you think is very nice to watch??hit me up yeah?:D.i'll love it if you could."chuh-bul"?
also,we could share anything about korea,right?maybe u know lot than me.
~daedan hi kamsahamnida,najun-ge poepkessumnida:)


Anonymous said...

mayo!!!! ko xtgk Yuu Hee the witch? best gak drama 2.. Ak recommend drama Beethoven virus dgn Il-ji Mae. Gempak giler citer 2 and romantic habis r.. mmg lyn giler..

sofea. said...

ah ah..yu hee pon aku tgk..lupe plak
syok giler gak cite tuh.
nti aku tgk cite tuh.btw,tq weyh.;D
ade pape cite syok bgtaw lah.:)


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