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Apr 5, 2010

is it just ME or what????huh.

today is one of d worst day in my life.i dont noe why.maybe it is just me thinking to) much.huh!.ok i admit that i've not as strong as u thought.maybe,i LOOK strong,but deep inside..
i'm just a looser.(ahh,i hate to use it.i'm trying to be optimist now.sigh~)
somehing happens..i always think TOO much of it.ALWAYS,i think.huhh!
OK,i admit that i'm trying to be better than yesterday i am..but,those past thing always haunted me.i dont know.
"Is it just ME or what????".huhh....................................
i dont know how i can really be tough woman..yes,i do look BIG in my size.(ha ha.watever!)..ahhh i'm started to think farr now..
i think i should pen off now.just a little teary words from me today.
thanx for lending ur eye's babes.:)

-evasofea.(bile aku start speaking,maknanya aku tgh moody.psst;/gedik nya minah ni..mcm lah korg kesah kan?ishish.dok molek gitu.)
(dan dan maaf sekiranya english aku x sebagus anda.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

mayo jgn nagis !
npe ni ?


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