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May 4, 2011

Day 3:A Picture of you and friends.

Do it said.." 'A' picture of you and your friends?"
hermm.i dont have 'A' picture though i have "A lot" of, i think of how about "as many picture of you and your friends"?.haha.(derhaka sungguh aku pada challenge nih.hehe)

soo,here it comes!!:)

wallaaaahhh!heree wee come.
from right:Wanikami,Nora,"si cantik",Jesse,MamaZett,Lela,Nadiah,Zaaaaawi.
those are P109 banana's members.ex-roomate masa dekat Pengkalan Hulu dulu.
I LOVEE YYYOUUUUU ALLLL sangatsangatt!:* *rinduuuuu*:"( we comes again.this is Hanim and 'Hanam'.
haha.the reason i've put this picture here because Hanim was'nt in the next picture.

lastt but nott leasttt,all of us 7 upss.. 9 flowers.haha.(aku pun tak taw cmno aku boleh terjebak dgn benda2 nih.ahah)
butt still, I LOVEE THEMM ALLL soo muchooo000!:D
eh Hanim was'nt here because dia hambik gambo.kehkehkeh.

soo,i think that all for the 3rd days challenge.see yaa tomorrow!

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