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May 12, 2011

Day 9: Something you've proud of these past few days.

Assalamualaikum(huhu.dh jrg2 bg salam kat cni kan?:))

what i've proud of in these past few days??


Okayy.firstly,i've done some housework since now is my semester,i've been such a dedicated 'domestic enggineer' .err.not really succesful i think.HAHA.

i've done cooking.baking.wiping.washing......stalking.err.haha.

although most of my baking thingy not going so well but i think i've achieved my goal to learn something new in this semester break.unlike those past semester break,i've just cooked simply-mimply dish.:D

erm what else?haa.and today i've drove my is mum's actually.hehe.not really far from my house,but still i've drove far enough than i can conclusion ,those driving session was improving my skills.right?and my mum just sat calmly,and happily with her daughter as a i think she's proud of me.and i'm proud of myself.haha.(hek eleh..ada org bwk lagi jauh tak kecoh cm kau punn..wuuu.what der what derr??)ok.u can say whatever u want but still,i am proud of myself.hihi.(ok taknak ckp lebih.nanti u'jub pulak kan?):D

till here for today.

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