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May 24, 2011

This is ain't no play.not a challenge.

ehem ehem.challenge kita biar dulu ,aku malas.aku nak tulis luahkan perasaan jap.:)
(err,kalau rasa tak nak muntah,sila click X cepat2 kat tepi belah kanan atas hujung tuh.tq.lain kali dtg lagi!^^)

haihhh.hati sesak ah skrg ni.many thing happens yet i am not strong enough to face it.err,let just say i am AFRAID of what will happen next.i dont have the gutts to try, even the chance just in front of me.i just..huhhh.

dulu,pernah kawan aku cakap."mayo,kau selalu lepaskan peluang.byk peluang dtg kat kau tolak mentah2." was when i am in form 5.huhu.not so long,right?
haihhh. and now i am building up my strength.telling myself to be as positive as i can,even it is hard anyway. with those golden chance fly away though, i know there's something more better than gold waiting for me.(this is one way for me to get positive.scribbled around this not-so-viewed blog.hehe)naaa,thats all for this un-teruja post.thanx for viewing.:)

and this is just for you,
i'm sorry i'm not strong enough.
to get rid of you,
to get you.
lets fate pair us better.
He knows better.
nor moving forward neither backward.
lets just follow the flow.
all the best to us,both.
sincerely me.

p/s;i think 'you' will never read this.huhu.maybe.

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