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May 9, 2011

DAY 5,6 and 7 .

haha okaayyy i've failed this challenge because i've skip the challenge for two days!huwaaa.including today,so thats mean i have to do 3 days chellenge in 1,ive decide to make it veryyy short and in only one post.haha(see..aku mmg malas!)hehe.

Day 5:A picture of somewhere you've been

ermm let see in my folder..

this is one of the place i've been.the latest one.

ok.the end for DAY 5.:)

Day 6:Favorite superhero and whyy???

my favorite...hermm..hermm..POWER RANGERS!!!

because i love their costum.and the actor was quite HANDSOME and TOUGH too.haha.(mmg kecik2 lagi dah gatal..see...see..ish2).andd i love PINK and WHITE rangers the most.hehe.there are many series of POWER RANGERS..such as mighty morphin,turbo,and blablablabla..i've forgot already.huuuu.:) but the most series that give me a lot of impact is Mighty Morphin.hehe.because i love the way the robot always said.."aii aii aiiii aiiiii aiiii.."aku suka ikut robot tuh ckp..tah petah nama dia.aku dah lupa..(see...forgot again..sighh~)

end of Day 6:)

Day 7:A picture of someone or something that give big impact on you

whatt and whattt?hurmm..big impact on me??




TUMBLRing!gave me big impact.not really big i think.
but still gave me some impact.hehe.
yeahh.sometime.when you feel down.tumblr can heal you.try it.:)
yeah this picture i've got it at Tumblr.hehe.sorryy-__-y
ahh already have one?do visit me at HERE.

sooo ,the end of the Day 7 challenge.

p/s: heartbroken.haha;( (abaikan yang ini)

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